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At Prime Selling Concepts, years of experience of working with some of the high-tech industry biggest names have taught us three key things. First, the more the training puts people in real-world situations the better. Second, training should target improvement in specific, pertinent, observable skills. And third, most of today's investment is made in training programs that at best only partially subscribe to the first two principles and have difficulty answer the question of ROI.

In response, Prime Selling Concepts(PSC) has developed a series of unique workshops that gives your management team, sales resources, Systems Engineers, and technical resources the opportunity to engage a “real customer” and overcome the many challenges that occur within your identified sales process. Using your successful customer engagements as a foundation, these high-energy workshops gives experienced and new technical people the opportunity to develop skills that are focused on their role throughout the sales process and learn from the best within your organization.

You will be able to increase the skills of your sales resources resulting in an immediate increase in revenue, new leads, and a higher percentage of closed sales by using our proven workshops that are tailored to your sales environment. We delivered similar results at well respected high technology companies which resulted in improving the key sales metrics that they identified.

Hear the Value Proposition

Prime Selling Concepts offers professional sales training and development workshops which will result for your organization a greater number of top performing salespeople, improved sales performance, and your customized PSC training will drive sales and revenue results. Prime Selling Concepts will provide a total sales training solution for your sales team members to improve overall performance.

All of our Sales Training & Sales Management are offered in fundamental and advanced levels, can be delivered using a Web Based Training format, and are customized to fit to your organization. These sales training workshops will solve the challenges your sales people and managers face in the field because we carefully customize each workshop and content based on your requirements.

These customized workshops teach salespeople and sales coaches how and when to use critical sales skills including: prospecting, effective cold calling techniques, getting thru the door, closing, telephone skills, Executive Selling Skills, and face to face value selling. Prime Selling Concepts combines strategic selling skills, solution selling skills using role plays, real world sales engagement examples and situations, and customized case studies to apply required key selling skills.

After completing the customized workshops, your sales resources will:

  • Increase their number of qualified leads
  • Increase their “probability of winning” percentages
  • Find the right sales opportunities
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Sell at higher profit margins
  • Close more business.
  • Increase their pipelines
  • Be more effective over the phone and in face to face meetings
  • Become better presenters
  • Become more strategic in controlling the sales engagement process
Prime Selling Concepts
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